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36 min

Episode 212: Data Therapy and Evolving Your Offers—with Shelby Chartkoff

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Shelby Chartkoff of Fruition Analytics. She talks about how she helps her consulting clients get and use data to drive the results they want.

She also generously shares how she first constructed and now evolves her consulting offers over time.


Shelby Chartkoff

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Episode Details

Shelby Chartkoff is a “data therapist” to her clients and has adapted her offers to meet client demand over time. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Using data in human systems

  • Employing “data therapy” when the data triggers clients

  • Designing actionable data

  • Helping clients prepare to do the work of being more data-driven

  • Knowing where your edges are in your consulting practice and what's in that gap

  • Understanding the role of psychological safety for your clients

  • Knowing what becomes an ongoing conversation in your clients’ organizations shapes their cultures

  • Mapping how value is created by your clients

  • Using your role to help heal clients’ gaps

  • Getting or enhancing key consulting skills

  • Embracing that consulting is relationship based

For more information about Shelby Chartkoff:


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