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30 min

Episode 214: Using Layers to Build Your Consulting Price—with Deb Zahn

Constructing a price for your consulting services involves knowing what to layer into it.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast, I talk about how to create consulting prices from scratch and what variables to consider—all so you ensure you get paid for all your value.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

You must build your consulting prices based on multiple factors. In this episode, I talk about:

  • Building a price that's going to make sure that you're get paid for all your value

  • Tracking your effective hourly rate, so you aren’t making Burger King wages

  • Knowing what it takes to do the work before you settle on a price

  • Using “drama padding”

  • Adding “value layers”

  • Adjusting your prices due to the market

  • Helping with pricing in the Craft of Consulting Membership

For more about the Craft of Consulting Membership:

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