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44 min

Episode 216: Coaching Leaders and Engaging Consulting Clients—with Janet Livingstone

Being good at helping teams and leaders function better makes you a valuable consultant. They often need help managing not only the tasks at hand but also the people-side of the work. That's where a skilled consultant can really earn their money!

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I interview Janet Livingstone who shares some of her go-to techniques for working with teams and leaders to get them the results they want.


Janet Livingstone

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Episode Details

Janet Livingstone works holistically with teams and leaders to get them performing better together. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Looking at the realities of what teams and leaders are now facing

  • Understanding that teams have holistic problems

  • Figuring out what is happening with leaders to help them lead

  • Embracing differences across countries and cultures

  • Applying coaching techniques

  • Modeling behavior as consultants

  • Running the best meetings

  • Investing in creating trust and building relationships

For more information about Janet Livingstone:


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