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41 min

Episode 209: Client Acquisition for Exhausted Entrepreneurs—with Malla Haridat

Clarity, planning, and action keep a consulting pipeline full and create more certainty, joy, and energy in your business and life!

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I Interview business coach and sales expert Malla Haridat, who goes deep into how get clients, even when you feel tired and are not sure what to do.


Malla Haridat

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Episode Details

Malla Haridat help entrepreneurs create focus and a plan for success. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Getting off the hamster wheel of uncertainty about your next clients

  • Understanding that you have a business

  • Unpacking your stories about sales

  • Giving people a safe place to talk about what’s really happening

  • Having a process for sales that works for you instead of trying to use someone else’s formula

  • Understanding sales as service

  • Learning the techniques to getting clients

  • Being in a community and/or having an entrepreneurial friend you can call

  • Embracing vulnerability and fearlessness

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