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38 min

Episode 22: Managing Client Engagements on Time and on Budget —with Marisa Manley

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Marisa Manley, President of Healthcare Real Estate Advisors. Marisa is an expert real estate advisor who uses her experience to help organizations of all sizes complete real estate projects. She has handled over $1.5 billion in transactions nationwide and has helped her clients reduce costs by over $120 million. In this episode, she shares her tactics for managing client engagements to deliver work on time and on budget.


Marisa Manley

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Episode Details

Marisa, President of Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, discusses her targeted approaches for managing complex client engagements. She shares insights for staying on top of all the moving parts how she engages and choreographs diverse teams of leaders, staff, and vendors to overcome challenges, manage costs, and reach their goals on time. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Key communication strategies to clarify the scope and objective of the project

  • How to motivate teams and get members to honor their commitments

  • Dealing with timeline and budget changes in a way that minimizes the impact on project goals and costs

  • Tips for leveraging client engagements to establish and grow your business

  • Best practices and things to avoid in client engagements

More about Marisa:

More about Healthcare Real Estate Advisors:

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