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36 min

Episode 230: Practicing Self-Care for Mental and Business Wellbeing —with Dr. Scott Thomas

Taking care of yourself is the foundation of a sustainable, profitable consulting business.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I interview mental health expert Scott Thomas, PhD, who talks about why self-care is so important and shares approaches and strategies for integrating it into your daily life.


Dr. Scott Thomas

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Episode Details

Self-care is critical for consultants! In this episode, we talk about:

  • Defining self-care as a natural behavior

  • Recognizing the reality of the mental health crisis

  • Doing self-care that doesn’t create resentment

  • Having access to ourselves to change

  • Understanding that self-care is necessary

  • Practicing self-care that works for you and that you love

  • Avoiding and substituting as a self-care technique

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