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43 min

Episode 237: Being a Go-To Source of Knowledge and Wisdom for Your Market—with Terry Chevalier

Consulting clients are drawn to consultants who stay on top of their industry and generously share their skills and knowledge.


In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I interview Terry Chevalier of Sunstone Associates, who shares what he does as a “pathfinder” and go-to source of knowledge in his markets.


Terry Chevalier

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Episode Details

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being a pathfinder for clients who have different problems

  • Tracking all sorts of different dynamics in your market

  • Knowing that not all CEOs know what they don't know

  • Being able to step back, do the research, and make sense of things in your market

  • Having set of trusted partners who are closer to other elements of the network as sources of wisdom and insight

  • Taking massive amounts of complexity and making it very simple for somebody

  • Sharing generously and the impact of that

  • Understanding your client deeply

  • Acting as the Swiss army knife of consultants

  • Helping clients clarify what success looks like first

  • Defining what strategy is

For more information about Terry Chevalier:


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