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51 min

Episode 245: Five Tips That Make the Most Difference for Your Consulting Business—with Deb Zahn

On this last weekly Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I’m sharing my top advice—the if-you-ever-listen-to-anything-I-say-listen-to-this advice—for starting, building, and growing your consulting business.

I also share where to find me and get more help other than this podcast.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Procrast-a-feeling this episode

  • Pointing to where I’ll still be sharing intel and guidance for your consulting business

  • Making sure you also have the life you want

  • Writing a book on pricing your consulting services

  • Being generous to a fault

  • Helping other consultants

  • Caring about your clients and potential clients more than closing the deal

  • Igniting your empathy

  • Making everything easier with clarity and focus

  • Naming the most important things to be clear and focused about

  • Using as an example

  • Focusing on solutions when things go wrong instead of building a case against yourself

  • Nurturing the superpower of being a problem solver, solution generator, and action taker

  • Using a stepped method to solve problems and take fruitful action

  • Recognizing that the point of perfectionism is keeping you stuck

  • Being kind to yourself

  • Avoiding building a case against yourself and toxic positivity

  • Thanking my guests and YOU!

For more information about the Craft of Consulting Membership:

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