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Episode 27: What Not to Do When Consulting—with Deb Zahn and Guests

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, the focus is on what not to do as a consultant. Host Deb Zahn shares 2 of her top tips and then highlights answers her previous podcast guests gave when she asked them what consultants should never do if they want to build a successful consulting business.

Deb features Dana Rosenstreich (Episode 4), who gives a client’s perspective, and then consultants Kenya Rutland (Episode 10), Meggan Schilkie (Episode 11), and Libby Post (Episode 18) share their advice for what not to do.


Deb Zahn and Guests

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Episode Details

Host Deb Zahn presents 4 clips from past podcast guests who give advice about what not to do when consulting. In this podcast, my guests and I talk about:

  • Why demonstrating that you are focused on value instead of money is critical for your business

  • How underpricing yourself harms your brand

  • The pitfalls of prioritizing selling over the relationship

  • Common communication missteps and how to avoid them

  • Why chasing money can result in less revenue

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people

  • How having a life can help create your legacy

  • How to be honest with yourself and clients and why

  • Not giving your talent away for free

  • Being true to yourself and your values

If you have questions or challenges that you’d like me to address, please feel free to leave a comment or click Contact to send me a note!

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