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36 min

Episode 33: Planning for Your Financial Health as a Consultant—with Diana Crabtree Green

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview past guest, Diana Crabtree Green, an independent consultant who specializes in individual tax, personal finance, and wealth building. She shares tips for new consultants to manage their finances as their income becomes variable and still build wealth over time. She also highlights a new tool that can help you create a solid financial future that doesn’t rely on budgeting.


Diana Crabtree Green

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Episode Details

Diana Crabtree Green, CPA, provides guidance for new consultants to manage their finances without succumbing to yo-yo budgeting. She discusses effective ways to manage the variability of your income while building wealth and enjoying your life. She also shares Buck the BudgetTM, her new resources for financial planning content. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Ways to successfully transition from a salaried position to an independent consultant

  • How to build up the financial reserves to become an independent consultant

  • Steps you can take to gain financial independence

  • Tips for shifting from a budget-focused mindset to one of “save first, spend later”

More about Diana:

More about Buck the BudgetTM:

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