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33 min

Episode 34: How to Help Client Teams Become Healthy and Functional—with Dr. Jan West

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Dr. Jan West. Jan is the President of West and Associates Consulting. As a psychologist, consultant, and coach, she works with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, start-up companies, and established small businesses to enhance team functioning and business results. She shares her techniques for helping teams work better together and create healthy cultures for companies and organizations.


Dr. Jan West

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Episode Details

Dr. Jan West shares tools and techniques for elevating how teams function and achieve shared goals as well as creating a culture that supports a common vision and new ways of working. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Common problems that teams experience and how to help them overcome them

  • Techniques to improve team accountability

  • Tips to instill good habits in a team so it can construct, refine, and own how they function together

  • How to work with team members who do not seem supportive of team functioning

  • Key steps for creating a conversational culture within an organization

  • Strategies for working with leaders who have different opinions about what their organization’s culture should be and how they should function together

  • How to ensure you are bringing constructive energy into your work with clients

More about Jan:

More about West and Associates:

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