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20 min

Episode 35: What to Do When Clients Increase Your Scope or You May Blow Your Budget—with Deb Zahn

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn answers two questions from podcast listeners about common client challenges: 1) What do you do when a client asks you to do work beyond the original scope of the project? and 2) What do you do if you are at risk of going over budget or you already did? Deb gives her advice on how to handle these tricky issues and get back on track with your clients.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

At the request of podcast listeners, host Deb Zahn shares her tips and scripts for handling two situations that consultants routinely face. In this podcast, I’m going to talk about:

  • What to say when a client asks you to do work beyond the original scope of the project, especially if they don’t say anything about scope, budget, or timeline implications

  • What to say when it looks like you are going to blow the budget or you already did

  • What to prioritize when handling these situations

  • Techniques to normalize discussions about a project scope, budget, timeline, and deliverables

  • Scripts for starting conversations with clients about scope and budget and how to respond to different scenarios so that you can move forward and maintain good relationships with your clients

More about Deb:

Get “Tips and Scripts for Tricky Client Conversations” to help you handle common client situations like a pro!

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