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Episode 39: Strategies for Helping Your Clients’ Leaders Improve Their Performance—with Lisa Bing

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Lisa Bing from Bing Consulting Group. Lisa is an expert at helping executives accelerate strategy and strengthen leadership at all levels within organizations. In today’s episode, Lisa shares examples and strategies for consultants and coaches who need to help leaders learn how to influence others to achieve results as their organizations shift and grow.


Lisa Bing

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Episode Details

Lisa shares client examples, strategies, and insights for consultants and coaches who need to help leaders perform better and achieve outcomes within teams and their organizations. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Leading through influence vs. authority or manipulation

  • Leadership visions that inspire unity and performance and those that don’t

  • Creating safe spaces for people to grow and change

  • Not co-mingling clients’ issues with yours

  • Choosing your clients because all business is not good business

  • Essential skills for consultants and coaches

  • Balancing compassion for clients with self-care for you

More about Lisa:

More about Bing Consulting Group, Inc.

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