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35 min

Episode 41: Strategies to Serve Your Clients Better and Develop New Revenue Streams—with Adam Falcone

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Adam Falcone who is a partner in Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell’s (FTLF’s) national health law practice. Adam currently provides legal and advisory services to healthcare providers on a wide range of legal issues, and he established the firm’s healthcare corporate compliance practice. In today’s podcast, Adam explains how you can help clients when there are significant changes in their markets, why and how to work with other firms to better serve your clients and build your business, and ways to leverage online products to significantly increase value for your clients and generate ongoing revenue for your business.


Adam Falcone

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Episode Details

Adam shares proven strategies to add value for your clients, build your consulting business, and develop new recurring revenue streams. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • How to help clients anticipate and respond to changes in their markets

  • Ways to present options and trade-offs that help your clients make good decisions

  • Helping clients move from decisions to actions

  • Best practices for working with other firms or consultants to increase value, expand your reach, build your reputation, and grow your business

  • The long-term importance of each and every exposure to clients and other consultants

  • How online products can meet your clients’ needs and price points, generate scale and ongoing revenue for your business, and free you up to deliver in-person consulting

  • The importance of building your reputation with a defined area of expertise

  • How to handle when your clients don’t follow your advice

  • Communicating in your own voice as key to establishing solid relationships with clients

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