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Episode 42: Consultant Dos and Don’ts From a Client—with Lacey Clarke

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Lacey Clarke who is the Vice President of Policy at the Community Health Care Association of New York State. In today’s podcast, Lacey lets us peek into the mind of a client. Lacey hires many consultants to work on projects and gives us the inside scoop on what she wants when she’s looking to hire consultants, what gets her to want to hire them and bring them back over and over, and what she absolutely does not want to see when meeting and working with consultants.


Lacey Clarke

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Episode Details

Lacey shares her perspective as a consulting client. She gives great information that can help you adjust what you do as a consultant so that, ultimately, you get more new and repeat business. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The best and worst ways to meet and approach potential clients

  • Ways to keep clients talking with you so they decide to hire you and give you repeat business

  • How some consultants turn off prospects and clients

  • What you need to know about your prospects’ organizations

  • Pitfalls of knowing too little about your clients’ dynamics and challenges

  • Respecting your clients’ internal expertise

  • Being flexible and able to pivot when things change for your clients

  • Establishing communication protocols with clients

  • Things to never do when working with clients

  • Bringing your knowledge of the outside world to your clients

  • Being personable and human with your clients

  • Key skills that make things easier for your clients

  • Customized vs. cookie-cutter approaches to client work

More about Lacey:

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