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Episode 45: Guiding Clients Through Major Changes in Uncertain Times—with Mark M. Brown

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Mark M. Brown, a master coach, consultant, and facilitator. He uses his four-step Expeditionary Leadership process to help leaders and organizations navigate the rapid changes in our modern world. In 2019, Mark published the book Outward Bound Lessons to Live a Life of Leadership. Early in his career, he enjoyed 20 years of leading Outward Bound groups deep into the wilderness and designed some of the first corporate leadership development programs Outward Bound offered. In this episode, we talk about how Mark applies the concepts of Outward Bound and Expeditionary Leadership to help companies and organizations thrive in this environment of revolutionary change and uncertainty.


Mark M. Brown

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Episode Details

Every industry is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. For companies and organizations to prosper, people need to get out of their comfort zones and break the patterns of business as usual—and consultants need to learn new ways to help them. Discover immediately relevant ways to apply the principles of Outward Bound and Expeditionary Leadership to organizational change. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Applying the Outward Bound motto “To Serve, to Strive, and Not to Yield” to consulting, leadership, and organizational change

  • How a mission and core values can become a North Star that guides what companies and organizations do

  • What happens when consultants and leaders don’t try to have all the answers

  • How to make yourself irrelevant as a consultant

  • Using an Expeditionary Leadership process to foster individual and collective development and create a culture where it’s safe to make and learn from mistakes

  • How working through adversity, uncertainty, discomfort, and mistakes cultivates deep honesty and learning, exceptional teams, and effective problem solving

  • Anticipating disruption in industries and helping clients win in it

  • How the best consultants and leaders become models of integrity for their clients and organizations

More About Mark M. Brown:

More About Mark’s Book:

Outward Bound Lessons to Live a Life of Leadership: To Serve, to Strive, and Not to Yield

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