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Episode 47: Consulting When Life is Difficult—with Deb Zahn

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn shares how she and other consultants have handled consulting when their lives got difficult. Deb shares strategies you can use to manage the pressures of consulting when the pressures of life get to be too much. She also shares her experiences and the choices she made to take care of herself and still build her robust consulting business.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Keeping up with all your consulting commitments and building your business can be difficult when challenging life events happen, such as illnesses, divorce, or loved ones dying. Deb shares real stories and proven strategies for managing those times when consulting feels like too much to handle. She talks about:

  • Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself

  • Letting go of pride and perfection

  • Prioritizing the things in your life that matter most

  • Creating a financial cushion for times you can’t work

  • Picking what to stop doing so you can focus on what’s most important

  • Working when it’s a welcome distraction

  • Nurturing your baseline of self-care to weather the tough times

  • Asking for and accepting help

  • Renegotiating with clients

  • Making sure your clients get what they need

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