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36 min

Episode 48: Mastering the Art of Sustainable High Performance—with Sky Jarrett

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Sky Jarrett, founder and CEO of Transcend LLC. In this episode, we talk about how she uses brain science and mindfulness techniques to help consultants and business leaders avoid burn out without sacrificing high performance. She shares common reasons consultants push beyond their limits and strategies for redirecting their "internal operating systems”—the thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions—to create a more sustainable way of working.


Sky Jarrett

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Episode Details

It’s no secret that many successful consultants have Type-A personalities and often want to control things, be the hero, and consistently perform at very high levels. But if you don’t learn to control your mind, ultimately, you will have less control over your actions and your performance will suffer. As a consultant, find out how you can shift your internal operating system to have the same or even greater impact with less exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • How the hero syndrome and other expectations for high performance can get in your way

  • How internal operating systems are formed, how they control decisions and actions, and how they can be shifted

  • Why consultants run out of fuel and how mindfulness can help

  • How to take back your power and freedom to make deliberate choices

  • How saying yes means saying no to other things that matter

  • Proven strategies to reduce anxiety

  • Protecting your boundaries and priorities so you can achieve the same or better results without burning out

  • How to use your calendar intentionally to create life balance

  • Carving out time for refuge

More About Sky:

More About Transcend LLC:

Sky’s online program for busy consultants and business leaders coming soon!

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