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Episode 50: Policy Issues and Other Challenges Impacting Independent Consultants in the U.S.—with Dr. Carl Camden

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Dr. Carl Camden. He is the Founder and President of iPSE-U.S. and the former CEO of Kelly Services. As the Association of Independent Workers, iPSE advocates on behalf of America’s independent workers, including independent consultants. In this episode, we talk about policy challenges and barriers that are a growing concern among independent consultants. Find out how iPSE is working to remove these barriers to make it easier for independent professionals to focus on their businesses and their lives.


Dr. Carl Camden

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Episode Details

The gig economy is here and independent consultants are an important part of it. Yet some recent policy developments and ongoing issues with benefits in the U.S. may make it difficult to stay independent. In this episode, learn more about those issues and policies and how iPSE-U.S. is working to advocate for independent workers so that you can run your consulting business with more protections and social benefits than you have now.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The shift from one-company careers to the gig economy

  • Challenges and barriers you need to consider when transitioning from employment to independence

  • How some states have or are working toward policies that will make it more difficult for independent professionals to operate while other states are more favorable

  • Who independent workers are and what the future holds

  • How you can become involved in iPSE-U.S.

More about Dr. Camden:

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