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40 min

Episode 57: Advancing Your Consulting Business During Times of Crisis—with Linda Popky and Lisa Anderson

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Linda Popky and Lisa Anderson, the Executive Directors for the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC), which brings together successful independent consultants from around the world with the top thinkers in consulting today to share best practices and gain professional insights.

Linda Popky is the founder and president of Leverage2Market Associates. She is a marketing expert who helps small businesses and consultants to mid-sized companies and large Fortune 500 enterprises help get heard above the noise of their markets. Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. and specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation. (And, yes, she knows where all the toilet paper is!)

In this episode, we talk about what SAC does and how it helps consultants build successful businesses. We also talk about all the things that consultants could and should be doing during the current crisis to help clients and keep their own businesses going.


Linda Popky and Lisa Anderson

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Episode Details

  • and faster than you can imagine

  • Making diverse, relevant content that will engage people in your market

  • Evolving your consulting business as your market evolves

More About Linda and Lisa:

More about the Society for the Advancement of Consulting:

More about the e-book Thirty Steps Your Business Can Take Today to Be Prepared for Future Success:

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