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Episode 60: Cultivating an Audacious Consulting Career through Leveraging Diversity—with Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Jennifer McClanahan-Flint, founder of Leverage to Lead. She works with professionals—usually women and people of color—who are in senior to C-suite level positions to help them learn how to position themselves, navigate bias, and build dynamic careers. She also works with organizations to help them learn to support equity and inclusion and better leverage talents and differences among their employees.

In this podcast, Jennifer shares how she helps professionals, especially women and people of color, build careers that let them be their full and best selves and helps organizations create environments that enable their employees to do so.


Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

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Episode Details

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint shares her secrets for building careers based on authenticity and audaciousness. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Showing up as your full authentic, unfiltered self with clarity and freedom

  • Understanding the way “professionalism” is based in white supremacy cultural values and what workplaces can do instead

  • Choosing to work with people who respect you

  • Building great client relationships by not dimming yourself

  • Opening up more markets for yourself through diversity

  • Clarifying your ideal client while still resonating with other clients

  • Having agency and saying “no” to make space for the work you truly want to do, even in an economic downturn

  • Knowing why, when, and how to set boundaries

  • Bringing your most creative self to work to be your best for your organization

  • Helping organizations identify values that are going to support people showing up as themselves

  • Creating trust and authority through vulnerability

  • Building narratives to uncover what matters to you, what you believe in, and what your strengths are telling you

  • Reframing the idea of uncertainty and risk when you are making the leap to consulting

  • Deciding how you show up every day

  • Getting balance by having the ability to choose

More about Jennifer:

More about Leverage to Lead:

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