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30 min

Episode 64: How I Finally Let Myself Become A Consultant
—with Deb Zahn

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn shares her journey to becoming a profitable consultant. She talks about how she stopped herself from living her dream for many years—even after she knew she wanted to be a consultant—and how tragedy and fate stepped in to give her the push she needed. She shares the rough start she had at the beginning, what she did to become successful, and why she left a firm to become an independent consultant.

She also announces a FREE live webinar training she is going to give on July 22, 2020: HOW TO BECOME A CONSULTANT: The 8 Most Important Steps You Need to Master to Become a Successful Consultant.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Host Deb Zahn shares her trials; tribulations; and ultimately, triumphs on the road to becoming a fulfilled, profitable consultant. In this podcast, she talks about:

  • Discovering and overriding her desire to become a consultant

  • Choosing the wrong road the first time she had an opportunity to become a consultant and what held her back

  • Rekindling her desire for consulting after a fateful request

  • Listening to herself (finally!) and taking the leap

  • Overcoming a floundering start to becoming successful

  • Confronting another consulting choice about becoming an independent consultant

  • Understanding her bigger "why" for making choices about her consulting career

  • Having to backtrack to learn more about the business side of consulting

  • Asking yourself what you want in your work life, your livelihood, and your life

  • Learning more about how to become a consultant from Deb

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