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Episode 67: How to Build a Foundation of Self-Care Practices to Support Your Success—with Karin Lubin, PhD

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Karin Lubin, EdD, of Quantum Leap Coaching and Consulting. She is a stress and resiliency coach who works with consultants and other successful professionals who want to feel less overwhelmed and more connected with their purpose. She is also a Passion Test facilitator and, using that process, helps people identify their top passions and use what they learn as a daily decision-making tool to feel and be more successful.

In this episode, Karin shares strategies for developing regular practices that support well-being across multiple dimensions and enable consultants to sustain their success over time without getting burnt out.


Karin Lubin, PhD

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Episode Details

Karin Lubin shares strategies for finding more purpose, feeling less disconnected, and reigniting our energy in our consulting businesses and our lives. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Focusing on passion, priorities, and self-care as a way to bring more sense of purpose and connection to your work

  • Dancing between giving and receiving to create a sustainable work life

  • Struggling to feel energized and excited

  • Paying attention to stress indicators and engaging in practices that can activate self-care

  • Using your breath as a tool to respond to stress and tension

  • Mimicking the 5 things that successful entrepreneurs and consultants do to be successful and keep their baseline healthy

  • Using journaling as a tool for cultivating presence, self-reflecting, creating positive intentions, and making decisions

  • Creating space for downtime to increase your productivity and creativity

  • Connecting to something larger as a way to find more purpose and relieve stress

  • Allowing yourself to grieve for what was and what is to come and gain acceptance

  • Finding our passion, connecting, and reigniting our energy for ourselves

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