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Episode 7: Skills for Getting Back into Consulting—with Bev Lacy

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Bev Lacy. Bev is a development professional who has worked with leaders and staff to raise over $40 million for organizations in the New York City Metro Region and Delaware. She has a two-year engagement as the Vice President of Capital Campaign and Strategic Advancement for the YMCA of Delaware. She is returning to consulting after switching back into regular employment and talks about key steps in her transition.


Bev Lacy

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Episode Details

Bev Lacy talks about her transition back into consulting after getting hired by a client. She is a highly successful development professional who works on major capital campaigns, program design, endowment gifts, events, and board and donor development. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • How to translate what you do in your job to business development as a consultant

  • The role of empathy is getting business and providing value

  • The importance of packaging yourself and showing that you are worth it

  • Using a transition contracting gig to prepare for becoming a consultant

  • How she leveraged her network to get more business than she could take the last time she was a consultant

  • How she gave herself permission to seek balance in her life

  • The dangers of taking on too much work

  • Defining your brand as a consultant

In the podcast, I also sneak in four-part technique I use to manage my workload and boost my productivity.

More about Bev:

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