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40 min

Episode 71: Creating Marketing Content That Achieves Your Consulting Business Goals—with Mark Flores

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Mark Flores, CEO of Falcon Creative, a digital marketing agency. He shares a wealth of information about you can make strategic decisions about digital marketing and create high-quality content that helps you achieve better business outcomes, including getting clients.

Plus we talk about how Bruce Lee can help your business and your life!


Mark Flores

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Episode Details

Digital marketing expert Mark Flores gets into tremendous detail about how to do digital marketing right so it helps you grow your business the way you want. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Understanding where to start when developing a digital marketing strategy that's going to achieve your business goals

  • Defining your goals among the many you could have

  • Avoiding video envy

  • Having the right infrastructure to support your content

  • Identifying your avatar, their pain points, and their journey to purchase from you

  • Creating the right type of content for the right purpose

  • Leveraging the know, like, and trust factor

  • Helping consultants with the 3 Cs framework: create, capture and convert

  • Increasing your “customer lifetime value” so that your clients will keep coming back to you

  • Systematizing your marketing and staying away from “hope marketing”

  • Measuring the outcomes and adjusting if you aren’t getting outcomes

  • Testing the market to make sure that you have product-to-market fit

  • Branding your content well to make the best first impressions

  • Posting high-value content that solves problems your avatar has

  • Showing the person behind the content to resonate with your clients

  • Being water like Bruce Lee

More about Mark:

Mark’s Fabulous Whiteboard Videos on Instagram:


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