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42 min

Episode 74: Leveraging the Power of Podcasts to Build Your Consulting Business—with Kasey Jones

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Kasey Jones, the CEO of Our Galaxy. She helps consultants and other founders build and grow their businesses. In this podcast, she delves into the power of podcasts to support your personal and business brands and build your consulting business. She also talks about how podcasts and other branding and marketing actions can combine to support your business goals and ways to do it that make your life easier.


Kasey Jones

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Episode Details

Kasey Jones covers a broad range of topics on using podcasts and other marketing platforms to build your brand and business. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Figuring out that connection to your personal brand

  • Creating systems that make attracting clients easier

  • Recognizing the power of podcasts for consultants

  • Understanding that getting business is about YOU, not necessarily what you do, your website, and other aspects of your brand and business

  • Closing clients through building trust

  • Building relationships with the people you do podcasts with

  • Doing your pre-work before trying to start or get on podcasts

  • Developing streamlined systems and processes for doing podcasts and delegating tasks you don’t need to do

  • Establishing a podcast plan that aligns with your personal and business brands

  • Leveraging your content and systematizing how you do that to maximize its impact and ease your burden

  • Approaching your social media like you would approach anything else in your business

  • Using systems to help you get past imposter syndrome

  • Getting past your resistance to being on podcasts and marketing yourself on social media

More about Kasey and Our Galaxy:

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