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Episode 75: Forget Strategic Planning! Helping Make Strategy Actually Happen for Clients—with Michael Canic

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Michael Canic, President of Making Strategy Happen and author of Ruthless Consistency: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organizations that Win.

In this episode, Michael shares why strategic planning doesn’t work and why 60% to 70% of organizational change projects fail. He’ll also talk about what we can do as consultants to make sure that that does not happen with our clients.


Michael Canic

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Episode Details

Michael Canic makes strategy happen and shares his advice on how you can help your clients do the same. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Understanding why strategic plans go off the rails or change initiatives flounder

  • Recognizing that there is no one thing that predicts success; rather it's everything

  • Getting leaders to relentlessly align all of their actions with what their intentions are

  • Motivating clients through pain

  • Asking the right questions to select the right clients who can be consistent and make change happen

  • Creating alignment of focus, environment, and team

  • Getting leaders and employees to believe change is possible after a track record of failure

  • Engaging employees before, during, and after to get “want-in” instead of resistance or buy-in

  • Working with clients on this method of change

  • Re-envisioning how to embed the change into an organization or company

  • Getting off that strategic planning hamster wheel as a consultant and instead offering to do strategic management

  • Gaining the knowledge or skills you need to implement this approach

  • Avoiding falling into the trap of being rational but unrealistic when working with clients

  • Applying ruthless consistency to your consulting business

More about Michael:

More about the book Ruthless Consistency:

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