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37 min

Episode 76: The Business of Consulting with Nonprofit Organizations—with Dr. Sonia Daniels

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Sonia Daniels, PhD, a consultant who helps nonprofit organizations develop their leadership and staff and improve organizational structures and functioning. In this podcast, she shares how she built her business to serve the nonprofit sector and what their unique needs are.


Dr. Sonia Daniels

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Episode Details

Dr. Sonia Daniels proves that you can have a thriving business through serving nonprofit organizations. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Transitioning into consulting after seeing what the sector needs firsthand

  • Understanding what’s special about nonprofits and how your approach has to change because of that

  • Addressing two common challenges that nonprofits face: funding and operations

  • Recognizing mission drift and getting clients back on track

  • Creating sustainability for nonprofits

  • Recognizing the impacts of COVID-19 on nonprofits

  • Helping nonprofits advance their technology

  • Having uncomfortable conversations with leaders because now is a time to adjust and shift

  • Planting seeds for clients through social media

  • Navigating the negative feelings some nonprofits have about consultants

  • Structuring services and giving clients the right experiences so they don’t feel like just another customer

  • Building a business serving nonprofits

More about Sonia:

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