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42 min

Episode 79: Helping Clients Sustain Improved Outcomes—with Dr. Scott Thomas

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn talks with Scott Thomas, PhD, a behavior change expert, perennial consultant, and co-author of the Sustaining Improved Outcomes toolkit. They discuss how to consultants can assist clients sustain the outcomes they help them improve and use this approach to get more business. They also talk about how consultants can help funders change what they do to better support organizations to get their results to stick.


Dr. Scott Thomas

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Episode Details

Host Deb Zahn and her husband Dr. Scott Thomas share their insights for sustaining outcomes gleaned from research and their experience. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Defining what it means to sustain improved outcomes

  • Understanding why consulting matters to your clients, who they serve, and your reputation

  • Recognizing that sustaining outcomes is not a naturally occurring phenomenon

  • Describing a qualitative research studying that assessed why some organizations sustained their outcomes

  • Seeing sustainability supported at all levels of an organization

  • Highlighting key factors that contribute to sustaining outcomes

  • Knowing your audience when presenting data so it has the impact you want

  • Addressing sustainability at the beginning of the improvement process

  • Using this approach as a competitive advantage to get more business

  • Helping funders to approach sustainability with their grantees differently

  • Getting the free toolkit and tools

  • Finding the hidden romance in the toolkit

More about Scott and the Toolkit and Tools:

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