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39 min

Episode 8: What New Consultants Need to Do to Succeed—with Michael Field

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Michael Field of EvettField Partners, a specialist consulting firm supporting business owners and leaders of medium-sized B2B organizations in Australia and New Zealand develop competitive strategies and drive enterprise value. Michael is a Sydney-based partner who previously has held senior strategic marketing, strategy, and business development roles in technology companies as well as B2B and member services organizations. Michael shares essential strategies for consultants to build a solid foundation and grow their businesses over the long term.


Michael Field

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Episode Details

Michael Field of EvettField Partners shares his insights about launching and growing a consulting business that is focused on creating value for clients. Michael who works with family-owned “legacy” companies who need help to invest in sustaining what they built and then growing their legacy for future generations. In this podcast, he talks about:


  • Growing a consulting business by declining work

  • How to get past barriers in the critical first 8-12 months for new consultants

  • The need for new consultants to invest in defining their value proposition for an identified market

  • The importance of clarifying and building a new brand and skills specifically for consulting.

  • How to break through relying solely on your original network and use value-focused methods to expand your network

  • Ways to grow your business through strategic partnerships

  • How to nurture relationships with former clients


More about Michael:

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