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38 min

Episode 83: The Five Paths of Getting Consulting Business—with Scott Love

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Scott Love, founder of The Attorney Search Group, a legal recruiting firm that recruits and places rainmaking partners in large global law firms.  Scott is also the host of The Rainmaking Podcast, a professional speaker on the topic of business development, and a former blackjack player who was so successful that he was kicked out of multiple casinos.

In this episode, we talk about the five ways that consultants and other professional services providers get clients and which ones yield the greatest returns on your investment. He draws from his card shark background to help you understand your advantages, know which paths make the most sense for you to pursue, and apply methods that work to get more clients.


Scott Love

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Episode Details

Scott Love turned his knowledge of how to beat the house playing blackjack into clear paths for getting clients. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Leveraging his background of counting cards to distinguish high-yield and low-yield business development paths

  • Knowing who it’s about when you're talking to a prospect

  • Understanding game theory so you don’t focus on doing things that have a low likelihood of a favorable outcome

  • Breaking down the five paths to getting clients and identifying which ones to pursue and which to avoid

  • Expanding resources in areas that have the highest likelihood of bearing fruit

  • Reassessing who you should be reaching out to and how people switch among the five categories

  • Documenting successes and mistakes to make improvements to how you pursue clients

  • Keeping a full business pipeline

  • Avoiding selling without knowing what a prospect’s buying motives are and knowing how to ask the right questions to tease out what they are

More about Scott:

The Rainmaking Podcast:

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