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Episode 86: Using LEAN Principles to Create Better Outcomes for Your Consulting Business—with Crista Grasso

Do you feel like you are doing a lot but not getting the results you want? Do you know if you are doing the right things that will get your consulting business where you want it to be?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I talk with an expert who can help you answer those questions.

I interview Crista Grasso, known as the "Business Optimizer," an international lean business consultant and the creator of the Lean Out Method. She shares LEAN-inspired strategies for quickly cutting through all the noise, ceasing low-yield activities, and instead focusing on optimizing the core things that will make the greatest impact to growing and scaling your consulting business.


Crista Grasso

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Episode Details

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Over-committing and burning yourself out when you first start off or try to grow your consulting business

  • Understanding what LEAN is and how applying it to your consulting business can improve quality and reduce wasted time and actions

  • Getting rid of all the noise and fluff so you can focus on client value and business profitability

  • Becoming aware of all the things you are doing
    that aren't supporting where you want to take your business and your life

  • Creating clarity of vision and identifying your short-term goals to make decisions about what to do and not to do

  • Assessing what you don't want in the long term as a way of assessing what you do want in the long term

  • Getting to the place where you become so well known that people are coming to you instead of you constantly going out and trying to find work

  • Committing to what it is that you want, knowing why it's important, and aligning what you do daily to accomplish those goals

  • Creating protected time and space for planning

  • Planning continually in 90-day increments

  • Getting clear on what it is that you are uniquely skilled to do and your niche so you can get clients more easily and get better results

  • Creating your “time pie” to make decisions about your business and life

More about Crista:

More about the Lean Out Method:

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