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Episode 87: 5 Big 2020 Lessons for Your Consulting Business in 2021—with Deb Zahn

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn looks back at 2020 and shares her 5 biggest lessons from 2020, and how she is going to apply those lessons to improve her business, life, and society in 2021.

On the podcast, she delves into the reality of disruptions and what you need to do to be ready for and respond to them effectively. She also talks about the importance of being the boss of your consulting business, getting help so you can free yourself up to be the boss, taking professional risks to make the world a better place, and enjoying all the goodness in the world.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Host Deb Zahn shares what 2020 has taught her about how to make 2021 better. In this podcast, she talks about:

  • Looking back to leap forward in 2021

  • Expecting and preparing for disruptions

  • Avoiding getting sucked into stress and chaos by fortifying your business and life baselines

  • Attending to your baselines to make it much easier to make decisions and take the right actions

  • Having the right systems in place so you don’t overtax your executive function on repetitive tasks and can reserve your brainpower to manage disruptions

  • Keeping your mindset in shape so your decisions and actions match the outcomes you want and aren’t based on panic

  • Banishing imposter syndrome and perceived scarcity and instead embracing your value and gaining more comfort selling

  • Being the boss of your consulting business and doing those “boss things” on a regular basis that make your business thrive

  • Reducing financial risks by regularly reviewing and making decisions about the totality of your business and not just doing the work of a consultant

  • Freeing yourself up from the things you don't need to do so you can focus on only doing what only you can do, such as generating revenue and delivering excellence to your clients

  • Getting help to get ahead faster

  • Taking professional risks so you can live your values and contribute to making the world a better place

  • Supporting Black Lives Matter and other movements to create a just, equitable world.

  • Embodying your values within your consulting business and publicly, even if there are risks to doing so

  • Appreciating and enjoying all the good people who are doing wonderful things in the world and being heart-forward and generous

  • Awakening my own call to action to help more people

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