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37 min

Episode 89 - The Glidepath to Becoming a Consultant—with Ashley DePaso

What’s the best way for someone to prepare to become a consultant if they are fortunate enough to have some lead time?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I ask Ashley DePaso, of DePaso Solutions, how she spent her 6 months getting ready to launch her consulting business. She shares her excitement and fears, her questions and how she sought answers, and the strategies she implemented to get herself set up before she left her job.


Ashley DePaso

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Episode Details

Ashley knew she’d have a better chance of launching her consulting business successfully if she took the time to plan and get everything in place. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Following her dream of becoming a consultant

  • Planning during the pandemic

  • Sharing her excitement and fears

  • Owning her own financial security

  • Getting help from people who have been there before and through teaching platforms

  • Establishing her legal entity for her consulting business

  • Minding the business finances from the beginning

  • Shifting from operating as an employee to a business owner

  • Focusing on her marketing strategy and getting exposure

  • Considering NOT doing work for free when you start consulting while still being generous

  • Working on getting her mindset to support her goals

  • Getting help from her daughter, twin sister, and her dog

More about Ashley and DePaso Solutions:

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