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Episode 94: Cultivating a Culture of Success—with Kerry Wekelo

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, we dive into how to create a culture that will enhance the success of your consulting business. I interview Kerry Wekelo, the COO of Actualize Consulting, a firm that keeps winning awards for being a fantastic place to work and has employee turnover less than 4% for the last four years.

She shares the strategies and techniques they use to lay a clear path for their consultants to contribute to the success of the firm and have the lives they want. Whether you have a consulting firm or work with others as an independent consultant, the lessons she shares will help you create and foster a healthy, affirming culture.


Kerry Wekelo

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Episode Details

Kerry Wekelo breaks down the key elements of a success-feeding culture for consultants. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing how a focus on people helps the financial solvency and growth of a consulting firm

  • Seeing that what people want and what they're aspiring to do changes year-to-year based on their circumstances

  • Increasing loyalty by making sure people get what they need personally and professionally and then allowing them to be a part of the firm’s growth

  • Embracing that people want to make a difference and you have to help them do that

  • Infusing the culture throughout the organization by prioritizing personal balance and intentional leadership

  • Creating top performers by providing people with the support that they need and also holding them accountable

  • Supporting life balance by aligning goals and performance together, serving your people, and encouraging team connection

  • Using surveys to never wonder what people think

  • Strengthening people’s acumen to be excellent consultants

  • Using culture to recruit talent

  • Streamlining business operations through being early technology adopters

  • Being intentional about every decision you make internally by asking yourself the right questions and doing your due diligence

  • Getting past the bad rap that life balance has and balancing your life in a way that works for you

More about Actualize Consulting:

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