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35 min

Episode 95: Pearls of Wisdom for Your Consulting Business and Life—with Arnold Salazar

What if a person appeared before you and shared pearls of wisdom that would help you create a consulting business and life you loved? That’d be great, right?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Arnold Salazar, who does exactly that. Through his consulting business, Strategic Executive Advantage, Arnold provides advice, direction, and help to community mental health centers. He shares his secrets to having a meaningful, fulfilling, and profitable consulting business and life.


Arnold Salazar

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Episode Details

Arnold Salazar has been collecting lessons for creating the consulting business that serves his livelihood and life. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Wishing he had become a consultant sooner

  • Working with the organization as they are, not as you want them to be

  • Taking his grandfather’s advice to not focus on what to do but how to think through a situation

  • Putting clients in a place where they can learn how to get things that they need and not just give them things

  • Recognizing that sometimes your job gets in the way of your work

  • Recognizing that you have to feed your soul and your bank account in a balance that makes you happy

  • Listening more than talking to get to what’s embedded in what the clients say

  • Asking open-ended questions and allowing there to be silence after you ask questions

  • Learning how your clients thinks about things, processes information, addresses challenges, and works through problems

  • Start where you should start with clients, not necessarily where the client wants to start

  • Building trust by showing you care about them

  • Being honest, not selling something that you don't have, and walking away when it’s the best thing for the client

  • Working with other consultants and not seeing them as competitors

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