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31 min

Episode 96: Cultivating Client Experience and Disrupting Norms—with Noah Fleming

Instead of always having to get more and more new clients, what if you focused on keeping the ones you have and getting them to help you get more business?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Noah Fleming, a management consultant who shares his MMP principle for delighting and keeping clients and leveraging those engagements to get more. He also reveals why he deliberately breaks norms in his own business and with his clients and how that contributes to profitability and success.


Noah Fleming

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Episode Details

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Focusing on keeping clients, not just getting new ones

  • Making every client experience meaningful, memorable, and personal

  • Modeling what the companies Chewy and Zappos do in an affordable, scalable way

  • Going over-the-top with existing clients during the pandemic

  • Maximizing client value beyond the dollars that you get from a client, including through case studies, testimonials, referrals, and word of mouth

  • Making a list of everything that's considered an industry norm in your or your client’s industry and asking how you could break them

  • Developing solutions based on what clients are trying to accomplish and not by default

  • Recognizing that the more value you offer, the higher your fees can be

  • Building unbreakable trust in yourself as well as self-esteem self-confidence

  • Investing in yourself through a coach or mentor

  • Continuing to refine your approaches

  • Understanding that there nobody else like you and that is a selling point

More about Fleming Consulting:

Noah’s book Evergreen:

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