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46 min

Episode 97: Bringing Your Hospitality and Full Self to Your Consulting Business—with Christopher Talley

Applying principles of hospitality to your consulting business can help you create meaningful connections and, by doing so, grow your business.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Christopher Talley who takes what he learned from working in the hospitality industry and shares how to create the types of heart- and spiritual-centered connections that will attract consulting clients and allow you to serve them better.


Christopher Talley

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Episode Details

Christopher Talley knows how to get and keep clients through fostering personal connections. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding that hospitality means simply knowing what your service is, being the best you can at that, and paying attention to the people aspect to it all

  • Recognizing that you are in the people business as a consultant

  • Embracing that roadblocks between you and clients are usually about something personal

  • Making sales by bringing your whole self, being genuine, and believing in what you're saying

  • Connecting with clients as people so they understand your desire to help and not just a desire to get a dollar

  • Going deeper with clients to connect spiritually and get to what’s really going on

  • Recharging so that you can go back again and make those personal connections

  • Being fully engaged and asking intuitive questions when you are meeting with a prospective client

  • Getting to what is actually causing clients' pain and building your offers around that

  • Switching things up in an engagement if things change with a client, including personal changes

  • Understanding the value of being vulnerable and empathic and encouraging the same in your clients

  • Recognizing that there is no such real thing as competition because everyone matches with some clients

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