Special Episode 4: What White Consultants Need to Do to Dismantle Racism—with Deb Zahn

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn talks about what her fellow white consultants can and should do to dismantle racism.


She shares specific things that white consultants can do to change themselves and use their access and influence as consultants to support anti-racist strategies and contribute to creating a more just, equitable world.


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Deb Zahn

In the wake of the protests against racism and police brutality in the US and around the world, Deb shares what role she and other white consultants can take to do their part to end racism. In this podcast, she talks about:

  • Understanding why white consultants are uniquely positioned to help dismantle racism

  • Recognizing how the access, influence, and other gifts that white consultants can help across the spectrum of racism and racial injustice

  • Embracing that “just doing our jobs” is no longer acceptable and why saying no when asked to support racism is essential for white consultants

  • Challenging ourselves to address our racism on an ongoing basis so we can be better people and contribute more

  • Showing up and being supportive of Black people and Black-led organizations now and going forward

  • Intervening whenever we see other white people commit acts of racism of any kind

  • Doing our part to uproot racism when consulting

  • Being agents of change to undo systems and challenge behaviors that perpetuate racism and support white supremacy


Anti-Racism Resources to Learn and Act:


Books and Reading Lists:




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