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How the Craft of Consulting can help you excel at consulting while living the life you want


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Welcome to Craft of Consulting, where you’ll learn the skills and know-how to excel at consulting while living the life you want.

Is Craft of Consulting for You?

Craft of Consulting is for accomplished professionals who are transitioning into being consultants or folks who have been consulting for a while. If you're just starting out, I can help you figure out how it all works and how to get your business going. If you've been doing it awhile, I can help you learn new skills and strategies to grow your business and to solve some of the pesky problems you might be having as a consultant.

Craft of Consulting is for any type of consultant. You don't have to be in a particular field. The information and tools here apply to all types of consultants, whether you’re with a firm or consulting independently. Craft of Consulting will help any consultant who generally has enough freedom and flexibility to make choices about what they do as a consultant.

Craft of Consulting is about honing your craft as a consultant. Elevating your craft is the key to building a successful and profitable business while also building the life you want. It enables you to delight your clients by being absolutely excellent at what you do. And, because money follows value, that excellence will translate into you becoming a gotta-hire-you consultant.

I’m excited to help you and share with you everything I have learned over the years about how to be a sought-after consultant while still enjoying time with my family and doing other things I love. I want to help you learn from my successes—and my mistakes—and fast track your success by avoiding the wrong roads and taking the right short cuts.

In this inaugural episode, I introduce the Craft of Consulting podcast.
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In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Deb Cullerton.
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Where Are You in Your Consulting Journey?

Are you just starting out and need to know the basics? These blogs can get you started:

What Should You Charge as a Consultant?

Business Development Process 1: Prospects to Proposals

Business Development Process 2: Proposal to Repeat Business

Land Your First Client: A Low-Burden Technique to Leverage Your Network


Have you been consulting already but need help getting better at what you do? These blogs can help:

How to Use Contracts to Manage Client Expectations

How to Master Tricky Client Conversations

When Should You Charge A Flat Fee or Fixed Price as a Consultant?


Do you need help bringing more balance to your life? This blog can help you figure out how to set boundaries.

Set and Defend Boundaries—Like Your Life Depends on It





Dive into a wealth of insider information to help you succeed at consulting.

Listen to successful consultants, clients, and experts who will show you the way to success.

Need a speaker for an event? Talk to me about how I can get people ready to master consulting.

Check out tools to help you build your consulting business.


Free Tools to Get You Started


Kick-start your consulting journey with these super-helpful free tools that can help you get clients and manage client engagements.

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Email Templates for Low-Burden Way to Leverage Your Network and Land Your First Client


Leveraging your existing network is a powerful way to get clients. You can increase the likelihood that people in your network will connect you to people in their network by making it easy for them to do it. This tool provides templates for a sequence of emails that you can send your existing network to get them to help you.

Image 4-29-19 at 9.26 PM.jpg

Managing Client Expectations: Contract Scope Checklist


Contracts are one of your primary tools to clarify and manage client expectations. Making sure that you include all the important details and assumptions in your scope of work can help ensure that you clarify expectations from the get-go. This will help you avoid awkward client conversations and ensure you get paid for what you do. 

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Tips and Scripts for Tricky Client Conversations


You don’t have to ever wonder what to say during tough client conversations again.


Get this guide filled with tips on how to handle the trickiest conversations and scripts to get things back on track.

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