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Episode 112: Expectations vs. Reality When Consulting—with Sergio Matos

It’s easy to have a host of expectations that won’t match reality when you start and build a consulting business. How can you avoid as many of those unrealistic expectations as possible?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Sergio Matos, who tried to become a consultant twice. It didn’t work until his second try, when he adjusted his expectations and approach.

Sergio is also an internationally recognized leader in developing and advocating for Community Health Worker workforce. He has a unique and powerful way of doing what he does, and, in this episode, he shares how he approaches his work to achieve the best outcomes in the best way.


Sergio Matos

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Episode Details

Sergio Matos found that the second time was the charm in launching his consulting business. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Starting down his path as a Community Health Worker after he retired

  • Wanting to able to do more of what his spirit yearned for by becoming a consultant

  • Failing the first time

  • Being surprised by how long it took to get clients, even though he was at the top of his game when he became a consultant

  • Shifting his perspective to what clients want instead of dictating like a CEO

  • Recognizing the amount of effort that goes into contracting and running a consulting business

  • Identifying a clear vision and mission as a consultant rather than casting a marketing net too far and too wide

  • Doing market research to target his marketing to people who were interested in funding what he wanted to do

  • Enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being a consultant

  • Deciding what to do during COVID when healthcare organizations were not focused on the work he does

  • Adjusting his expectations about when he gets paid and creating cushions and processes to account for that

  • Creating environments that are safe enough so that participants are free and able to contribute their wisdom, their understanding, and their lived experiences to the learning experience itself

  • Considering what he will focus on next as a consultant as COVID gets more under control

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