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Episode 114: Getting More Clients with Copy that Converts—with Jaimee Maree

It’s not just what you say to leads and prospective clients that can convert them into clients—or not. It’s what they see in writing. Persuasive copywriting can be a powerful tool to get more consulting clients.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Jaimee Maree, CEO of Savvy Copy and copywriter extraordinaire. She shares exactly why the right copy will get people to take the actions you want and then breaks down the elements of effective copy that converts.


Jaimee Maree

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Episode Details

Jaimee Maree turns boring copy into compelling copy that gets client conversions. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding what conversion-focused copywriting is and what it can do for your consulting business

  • Realizing that there are a lot of parts of the process of people saying yes to sign up to something or to want a particular service

  • Applying an 80/20 rule to talking about your clients and talking yourself in your copy

  • Needing to capture people’s attention within 5 seconds to keep them engaged with your website or marketing

  • Knowing who you are talking to specifically within a business or organization and what they care about

  • Talking to your ideal clients to get your copy right

  • Knowing the elements of what makes copywriting successful

  • Understanding the emotions-first logic perspective of how people make decisions

For more information about Jaimee Maree:

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