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36 min

Episode 135: Scaling Your Consulting Business without Sacrificing Your Life—with Gail Nott

Scaling your consulting business doesn't have to cost you your life.

There are ways to scale that can create the life you want—all the while generating more income.

In this week's episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, online business coach and consultant, Gail Nott, joins me to talk about the strategies and techniques you can use to scale your consulting business without sacrificing your life.


Gail Nott

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Episode Details

Gail Nott shows a path to scaling your consulting business while having the life you want. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Defining your version of scale

  • Having a lean business

  • Avoiding common scaling mistakes

  • Determining what life you're going to create and putting systems in place so you can have that life

  • Building a brand, packaging around that brand, and creating a legacy

  • Developing products as a way to scale

  • Outsourcing what needs to get done but you're not very good at

  • Asking me how I do my social media

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