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Episode 162: The Magic of Expert Learning and Development—with Eric Girard

Some companies and organizations are reeling from Great Resignation...but not all! What makes a difference in places that not only keep their employees but keep them engaged?

One of the things is they invest in their employees and bring in the right consultants to help them craft and implement learning and development experiences that work and are NOT a snooze fest!

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview management development expert Eric Girard. He shares what types of learning experiences companies and organizations are calling for to develop employees in a way that helps them achieve results and how you know it’s time to bring in learning and development experts.


Eric Girard

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Episode Details

Eric Girard helps new managers in startups and small to medium-sized businesses transform from high-performing individual contributors to great people managers. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding the full breadth of what learning and development is

  • Recognizing the return on investment of learning and development for companies and organizations

  • Drawing a line from training to better results for companies and organizations

  • Avoiding bad versions of trainings

  • Using an instructional design model to craft trainings that get results

  • Explaining implementing a training module using a goal-setting session example

  • When other consultants should encourage their clients to bring a learning and development expert in

For more information about Eric Girard:


"What to Consider When Hiring an External Training Firm" Tip Sheet:

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