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Episode 164: Episode 164: Seven Keys to Becoming and Exceptional Consultant—with Rob Berg

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast, I interview author and consultant, Rob Berg. He shares 7 keys to becoming an exceptional consultant, including foundational attitudes, skills, and behaviors to ensure you have a thriving, fulfilling consulting business


Rob Berg

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Episode Details

Over 30 years, Ron Berg has seen what makes consultants exceptional and sought after. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Knowing who you are first and foremost and infusing your work with your character strengths and value

  • Cultivating basic skills and attributes that every consultant should have

  • Managing your mindset and understanding what you know

  • Avoiding tying your earning to the number of hours you can work

  • Switching from hourly billing to value-based pricing and assigning a monetary value to your work

  • Diluting your value by having a “secret sauce” or formula

  • Bringing your own spin to everything you have synthesized elsewhere

For more information about Rob Berg:


The Courageous Consultant: Seven Keys to Becoming an Exceptional Advisor:

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