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Episode 18: Build Your Client Base and Get Paid for Your Talent—with Libby Post

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Libby Post. Libby is the President of Communications Services, a boutique political communications firm in New York that specializes in advocacy, electoral politics, healthcare, and libraries. Libby shares her wisdom from over 30 years of building a successful business that serves her clients and lets her live according to her passion and values.


Libby Post

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Episode Details

Libby Post, President of Communications Services, shares her advice for getting paid for your value, connecting with your market, and creating a business that aligns with who you are and care about. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Building a regular and repeating client base

  • How to make sure you get paid for everything that you do, particularly when folks ask for freebies

  • How to find confidence in the work that you do and embracing that you're worth it

  • How to get clients to recommend you to other clients

  • Figuring out how to reach your market and connect with clients

  • The importance of consistent branding across all platforms

  • Knowing your values and when to say no

More about Libby:

More about Communication Services:

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