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32 min

Discovering Your Special Sauce as a Consultant—with Andrea Mantsios

If someone asked you what your special sauce is as a consultant, what would you say? Is it the type of results you can help clients get? The experience you give them? Both? What specifically makes you the consultant you are?

On this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, we dive into these questions with public health consultant Andrea Mantsios of Phia Consulting. She shares how she identified her special sauce as a consultant and how she now owns and flexes it to get clients and serve them well.


Andrea Mantsios

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Episode Details

Andrea Mantsios has found more success when she brings more of herself to her consulting. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Evolving your value proposition to make it about what is uniquely you

  • Soul-searching about what your special sauce is

  • Bringing the zest of wanting to learn more, being curious, and wanting to unpack clients’ problems

  • Being the highlight of a client’s week

  • Building confidence and creating clarity about your special sauce over time

  • Owning and flexing your special sauce

  • Embracing that your aren’t a fit for everyone

  • Making different choices once you’re in a position financially to turn down contracts

  • Sharing recent big wins

  • Advising new consultants to go deep to create a value proposition with real specificity and heart

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