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Episode 205: Developing the Habit of Getting Consulting Clients—with Deb Zahn

Your consulting business becomes WHAT YOU DO. It's not just how smart you are and what wonderful things you can do for clients. Those are important, but embracing the business side of consulting is what enables you to use your smarts to do those wonderful things. That means consistently taking steps to get business and keep your pipeline full and flowing with work.

On this week’s Craft of Consulting Podcast, I share ways to develop the habit of getting consulting clients, a healthy habit that gets you more business and keeps you out of that dreaded feast-and-famine cycle.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Getting consulting clients needs to be supported by a solid habit of taking action. In this episode, I talk about:

  • Understanding that your consulting business is about what you do

  • Avoiding panic activity when you have pipeline problems

  • Cultivating an identity as a CEO of a business

  • Using repetition to form a habit of getting business

  • Tweaking action when it isn’t giving you results

  • Developing systems to make your habit easier

  • Forming and sustaining a habit by increasing your ability and self-efficacy

  • Enjoying spontaneity and serendipity but not relying on them for business

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