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Episode 215: Closing the Confidence Gap for Consultants—with Kelli Thompson

You have what it takes to be a consultant, but do you have enough confidence to embrace that and make it happen? Or do you have gaps in confidence that needs closing?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Kelli Thompson about closing any confidence gaps that you get in your way of starting, building, and growing your consulting business.


Kelli Thompson

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Episode Details

Kelli Thompson is on a mission to help women close their confidence gaps, so they can have the careers they truly want. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Knowing that success loves clarity

  • Asking yourself if cannot lose any more money, what do you want to do

  • Defining your values and not stepping outside of your value system

  • Seeing that when clients and your values are fully aligned, they gladly pay top dollar

  • Avoiding the “but firsts” before you get clients and raise prices

  • Recognizing expensive thoughts

  • Understanding doubt vs imposter syndrome and the realities of what it called imposter syndrome

  • Letting go of Pedestal Syndrome

  • Naming, noticing, normalizing, and reframing difficult feelings

  • Taking action while also feeling all the doubt

  • Paying attention to your energy is important as you deciding what to offer

  • Previewing other gems in the book

For more information about Kelli Thompson:


Closing the Confidence Gap:

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