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Episode 28: Making Deliberate Life Balance Choices—A Group Exercise with Deb Zahn and Guests

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn does an exercise with a group of consultants to identify and make choices about improving their life balance. Just in time for Halloween, they identify how they will eliminate vampires and zombies that deplete their time and energy but don't add any value for them or their clients.

Deb facilitates and participates in the exercise with Jan West, an executive and leadership coach and consultant; Ann Stewart Zachwieja, the co-founder and COO of Globig, a global marketing firm specializing in demand generation; and Diana Crabtree-Green, an independent financial and tax consultant (also in Episode 17).


Deb Zahn and Guests

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Episode Details

Deb Zahn and Guests

Host Deb Zahn presents a powerful exercise to identify vampires and zombies—the people, things, and activities that get in the way of having a balanced life and don’t really add anything for you or your clients. In this podcast, my guests and I talk about:

  • What people, things, and activities get in the way of their life balance

  • What they will do to eliminate or change things so that they have more time to focus on what really matters

  • What they will be able to do when they get back that time and energy

  • What challenges they will have to overcome, and what would help them overcome them

  • What they are going to do now that they have a plan

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